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ying Furniture For your Group Living Facility, whether it's a camp, group home, mental health or behavioral health, hospital, residential treatment center, shelter, dorm, senior living or other group environment, often leads to many questions. 

We have put together a list of common questions we are asked from our customers.  If you don't see the one you are looking for, or have more questions for us, please call 216.292.9100 or click the FAQs button above, to submit your question in writing, we will get right back to you!

  • Who is Furniture Concepts? Click to go to our "About Us" Page.

  • How do I get in touch with Furniture Concepts? There are several ways. To speak to a Customer Service Representative please call us at 800-969-4100. Send us question by clicking the button above, or if you prefer, email us at!

  • What is the difference between Drop Ship, Inside Drop, and Full-Service Installation? We are happy to deliver your merchandise based on the delivery method most convenient for you. Drop Ship, the least expensive option, delivers merchandise to your facility address but requires you to unload the trailer from the curbside or loading dock. Please note that most carriers limit your unload time to two hours so although Drop Ship is the least expensive option, additional charges may be added if your unload time exceeds two hours. Inside Drop is a higher-level service in which the freight carrier will put your cartoned merchandise inside the closest door. Full-Service Installation includes delivery, assembly, and installation of your furniture into the room(s) you designate within your facility.
  • What is Crypton? Crypton fabrics are “super fabrics” that are treated with a fluid-resistant, anti-stain, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial barrier that actually penetrates the fabric fibers. In contrast to typical residential-type treatment options that treat just the fabric surface, Crypton permeates every fiber providing a best-in-class protection barrier. Crypton is an excellent option for anyone dealing with incontinence or other fluid issues. Prompt cleaning of accidents or spills is essential to maintaining the life and beauty of Crypton-treated fabrics. Go to "What do I Need to know before Buying quality Furniture?" and "Upholstery Clean-up" to learn more.
  • What does Self-Deck mean? Self-decking is another tool in the arsenal for dealing with incontinence or other fluid issues. Self-decking is an additional cut of fluid-resistant fabric sewn under the seat cushions that “catches” fluids and prevents them from landing on the floor. The self-decking is not visible unless the seating cushions are removed to clean accidents and spills.  Go to "What do I Need to know before Buying quality Furniture?" and "Upholstery Clean-up" to learn more.
  • What does “Pop-Out” and “Clean-Out” seat mean? Seating pieces with pop-out seats offer a light, easy to remove seat that combines a light-weight frame with an attached upholstered cushion. When guest or residents have fluid leaks or spills the pop-out seat lifts completely free from the frame. The resulting opening is large enough for mops or other cleaning devices to thoroughly and easily clean unwanted fluids from the floor without requiring the furniture to be moved. Seating pieces with clean-out seats are designed with a bottomless reservoir that drains fluids straight to the floor for easy clean-up. Pop-Out and Clean-Out seating pieces should be upholstered in a fluid-resistant fabric or vinyl to create the appropriate fluid-diverting system. Go to "What do I Need to know before Buying quality Furniture?" and "Upholstery Clean-up" to learn more.
  • How is freight calculated? Our furniture is priced using wholesale pricing in order to provide you with the best possible value. Our freight is no different. We put shipping jobs out to bid through a variety of freight carriers. We choose the lowest price and pass the lowest cost on to you. With options like Drop Shipping, Inside Drop, and Full-Service Installation you are able to customize shipping options to meet your needs and budget.  Why do you not offer "Free Shipping"?
  • How long will it take to get my furniture? A typical furniture order will be delivered to you within 3 – 5 weeks after the order is signed and returned to us. If your items involve Fully-Upholstered or Custom Staining, we expect to deliver your order to you in fewer than 7 weeks providing that all upholstery materials are in stock. We will always advise you of any unforeseen delays. In addition, you can view the status of your order anytime day or night via our on-line order tracking tool located at
  • Why isn’t there pricing on the website?* Almost every piece of furniture from Furniture Concepts is made to your specifications. Ultimately, the Fabric, Finish and Custom Options you choose will determine your final price. We can mail, fax or email you a current price list at your request. Although our base pricing will give you an excellent idea of actual prices, our sales team is happy to produce a no-obligation quote that will most accurately reflect finishing options and any applicable network or volume price adjustments.
         * You now have access to our PRICES!  Just click, fill out form, and we will email your pricing to you right

  • Why is a deposit required for my order? With few exceptions, our credit terms are 25% deposit at time of order and the balance due after delivery, pending credit approval. We are in the business of providing you with the best possible furnishings at the most competitive pricing, not in the business of managing credit accounts. In order to maintain our low-prices we ask that all customers pay the 25% deposit to start an order in production.
  • Do Furniture Concepts’ products meet flammability requirements? Our furnishings are specifically designed for use in health care, hospitality, camps & recreation centers, student housing and group homes. All of our upholstered furniture complies with CAL 117 flammability requirements. Certain items can be made to comply with CAL 133. All mattresses meet Flammability Code CFR Title 16 Part 1633. Specific standard compliance information is available through your Furniture Concepts Expert Design Consultant or may be requested through What is CAL 133?  Read our Blog to help understand the requirements.
  • How do I find fabrics on your website? Our website has been designed with ease of use in mind. Any piece of furniture that is upholstered will show a “View Fabrics” button to the right of the item’s image. If you have any suggestions to help us make our website easier for you to use, please let us know!
  • How do I request fabric samples? We are happy to provide to you with fabric samples so that you can see and feel any fabric you are considering. Just email or let your Expert Design Consultant know which fabrics you are interested in and we’ll take care of the rest!
  • How do I clean fabrics? Most fabrics can be cleaned using a simple dilute solution of a detergent, like Tide©, and water in a 1:4 solution. Simply wipe fabric with the detergent solution and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Barrier treatments like Crypton© and Teflon© can also be effectively cleaned with a 1:4 solution. Never use any commercial upholstery or institutional-grade cleaners. Harsh chemical cleaning treatments can permanently damage fabric and fabric barriers and void the manufacturer’s warranty. We do not recommend machine-washing casings or any upholstered components.
  • Where can I see your furniture? Since we provide furnishing solutions to facilities across all 50 states, we have found it most effective to maintain a virtual showroom that allows all our customers to shop at their leisure. If you have reason to want to “kick the tires” and see our furniture in person, please let your Expert Design Consultant know. With over 26,000 customers across the US we are sure to be able to find someone with our furniture in all metropolitan areas. We will arrange for you to have an opportunity to see our furniture in person with the facility closest to you. BUT take a look at our Installation photos!  Many of our clients have been kind enough to send us pictures.
  • Will I be able to get an appointment for delivery? We are proud to offer you a menu of delivery services. The most economical option, Drop Shipping, is conducted by common carrier and is often not customizable enough to accommodate a delivery appointment. However, we are happy to add a delivery appointment, or any additional delivery services you may desire, to the bid we submit to our carrier network. If the resulting costs are within your budget we will add the additional services to your order.
  • Is assembly required? Most of our seating pieces come fully assembled. Occasionally, legs will be detached to prevent damage during shipping. Most of our tables are shipped with the legs detached – again, this is done to prevent shipping damage. Any pieces requiring assembly should only require simple screwing legs into place. Of course, all beds and Bunkbeds must be assembled by attaching side rails and guard rails.
  • Does a lower fabric grade mean lower quality? The grade of a fabric simply reflects the cost of manufacturing the fabric. A 100% synthetic fabric, for example, may cost less than cotton or a cotton blend, but will most likely last much, much longer. Ask your Expert Design Consultant for guidance in making the best choice for use with your consumers, staff and residents.
  • Which mattress cover is best for heavy incontinence? We offer SoFlux, Vinylized Nylon, Traditional Vinyl, and Correct Tick fluid-resistant mattress covers. The difference between the cover types is really feel. SoFlux is a soft, nylon cover that most closely resembles the feel of a typical residential mattress. Traditional Vinyl is a more rugged cover that has less give and may be most comfortable for temporary residents. Correct Tick is the newest advance in vinyl and is engineered to have a softer, more durable surface than traditional vinyls. Each cover offers a substantial degree of fluid-resistance, especially for incontinence, but Correct Tick and Traditional Vinyl are the most impenetrable for long saturations. As with any fluid-barrier, urine or other fluid spills should be given prompt attention to protect the life of the furniture or mattress.
  • What body weight / size can your furniture support? People come in all shapes and sizes, and so does our furniture. We offer a wide variety of products to suit the needs of your larger consumers, staff, and residents. Typical seating pieces can easily tolerate 200 – 225 lbs. while bariatric seating pieces are tested for up to 350 lbs. Seat width and depths range from a traditional 16” to a wider 28” seat width which offers maximum comfort for bariatric needs. Specially designed chairs with single-construction molded frames and upholstered seats and backs are durable under heavy-use environments. 
  • What are your terms? With approved credit, we are happy to extend the terms of 25% Down, Net 30. For customers purchasing under State or other contracts, the terms specified in your contract will be the prevailing terms. Certain approved Purchasing Network members may be eligible for Net 30 based on the specific Purchasing Network’s guidelines for members. We are happy to clarify any questions on terms, just ask!
  • How do I place an order? We have designed our website and catalog to give you a broad overview of our product offerings. Believe it or not, we have an entire library of products, fabrics and finishes that just won’t fit on the web or catalog. As a result, the best way to get the best product and value for your money is to work directly with one of our Expert Design Consultants by calling 800-969-4100 or email
  • Can I use a credit card? We are happy to accept Master Card, Visa or American Express to pay for all or any part of your order. Just let your Expert Design Consultant know your payment preference.
  • Where is your furniture shipped from? Where are you located? Furniture Concepts’ Sales Offices are located in the metropolitan area of Cleveland, OH. Most of our Sales and Administrative staff can be reached during normal business hours, 8:30 – 5:00 EST Monday – Friday. We have a handful of factories located in several states that expertly produce our merchandise and ship the finished goods directly to you. We work with more than one factory because we want to offer the best-quality American-made pieces that will only come from the leaders in upholstery, crate-style, dining, bedroom and mattress manufacturing.



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