• Laguna Twin Sleeper Provides Super Comfortable Sleeping with a 5.25″ Innerspring Mattress.
  • 10-Year Warranty Frame and Springs, 2-Year Warranty
    Cushions, 1 Year Mattress.
  • Your Choice of 100’s of Fabrics and Vinyls.
  • Your Choice of Protective Wood Finish.
  • High Density Foam. Solid Wood Frame.

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    • Width 54
    • Depth 36
    • Height 35.5


Laguna Twin Sleeper Spec Sheet

  • Loose Seat Cushion.
  • Tight Back Cushion.
  • Also Available as 0614-00 Laguna Ottoman, 0614-05 Laguna Chair, 0614-04 Laguna Armless Chair, 0614-06 Laguna Left Arm Facing Chair, 0614-07 Laguna Right Arm Facing Chair, 0614-14 Laguna Storage Bench, 0614-16 Laguna Left Arm Facing Chaise, 0614-17 Laguna Right Arm Facing Chaise, 0614-20 Laguna Loveseat, 0614-24 Laguna Armless Loveseat, 0614-25 Laguna Twin Sleeper, 0614-26 Laguna Left Arm Facing Loveseat, 0614-27 Laguna Right Arm Facing Loveseat, 0614-28 Laguna Left Arm Facing Loveseat Section, 0614-29 Laguna Right Arm Facing Loveseat Section. 0614-30 Laguna Sofa, 0614-31 Laguna Full Sleeper, 0614-32 Laguna Left Arm Facing Full Sofa, 0614-33 Laguna Right Arm Facing Full Sofa, 0614-34 Laguna Armless Sofa, 0614-36 Laguna Left Arm Facing Sofa Section, 0614-37 Laguna Right Arm Facing Sofa Section, 0614-38 Laguna Left Arm Facing Sofa Section, 0614-39 Laguna Right Arm Facing Sofa Section, 0614-40 Laguna Full Sleeper, 0614-44 Laguna Armless Sofa, 0614-46 Laguna Left Arm Facing Full Sleeper, 0614-47 Laguna Right Arm Facing Full Sleeper, 0614-50 Laguna Queen Sleeper, 0614-54 Laguna Armless Queen Sleeper, 0614-56 Laguna Left Arm Facing Queen Sleeper, 0614-57 Laguna Right Arm Facing Queen Sleeper, 0614-74 Laguna Armless Twin Sleeper, 0614-76 Laguna Left Arm Facing Twin Sleeper, 0614-77 Laguna Right Arm Facing Twin Sleeper, 0614-91 Laguna Wedge, 0614-93 Laguna Corner.
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