BUNK BEDS & COTS metal and wood options

When being able to house many clients & residents is a priority, bunkbeds and cots offer the flexibility you need to maximize your emergency shelter, short-term stay, transitional housing, crisis center, temporary housing, and seasonal programs. Furniture Concepts offers the most extensive collections of bunkbeds and cots to help you maximize occupancy. Choose from wood or metal bunks. All bunks are built to meet Federal safety standards. Our offerings include traditional wood & metal bunkbeds but also include metal pan deck, sinuous spring deck, and solid deck options to meet all security and comfort needs. Cots are an excellent way to add emergency and temporary housing needs. Choose from folding & stacking cots or even a combination unit that includes a folding cot with a collapsible trundle. Pair bunkbeds and cots with a fluid-resistant, bedbug resistant mattress to fulfill the needs of every individual in need of a safe and comfortable place to sleep.