May 11, 2022 | Tiffany Fenner

Efficient Design Creates an Attractive Workplace

Long before “The Great Resignation” became part of our national lingo, healthcare organizations were struggling to attract and retain a high-quality workforce. According to a 2020 report from Nursing Solutions, Inc., the typical health facility saw a staggering turnover of nearly 90% of its staff between 2015 and 2019. There is no sign that this […]



April 11, 2022 | Karyl Walker

Residential Spaces Can Convey a Sense of Community

Patients in recovery from illness value the feeling of belonging to a community with shared experiences. The importance of community has driven many recent trends in healthcare, including the emergence of peer support as an essential component of many health disciplines. We at Furniture Concepts have these same ideas in mind when designing living spaces […]



March 14, 2022 | Tiffany Fenner

Making a Difference in the Lives of the Underserved

There is nothing more rewarding for a helping professional than having a positive impact on the lives of the underserved. The twin pandemics of COVID-19 and social injustice continue to shine a light on the needs of the historically marginalized. We at Furniture Concepts are honored to play a part in helping those who work every day […]



November 17, 2021 | Furniture Concepts

A Shift In Perspective Seeing Furniture Choices As Investment Decision

With an intimidating number of choices in the marketplace, the people who are tasked with purchasing furniture for healthcare environments can often be left feeling overwhelmed. As with many decisions, one typically chooses the path of least resistance and purchases what is readily available and for the lowest cost. While this strategy may appear to work well […]



June 21, 2021 | Furniture Concepts

Careful Design Reduces Risk of Falls

Among the many risks healthcare administrators have to deal with, the risk of patient falls can be one of the most damaging to the organization. Falls, and the injuries they cause, are a major contributor to an epidemic of medical errors that cost the U.S. healthcare system anywhere from $17 billion to $29 billion a […]



June 18, 2021 | Furniture Concepts

Comfortable Meeting Spaces Promote Patient Recovery

If we ever needed a reminder that we are social beings who thrive on connection, the past year’s events gave us unmistakable proof. As staggering as the effect of social isolation has been on all of us, we can’t forget the toll it has taken on those who were already facing serious health challenges. Leaders […]


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July 10, 2021 | Furniture Concepts

Introducing Natura:Balancing Innovation and Sustainability

Companies everywhere are being asked to be stewards of the environment with the same dedication they devote to their customers, and rightfully so. We see this effort to be better as a cornerstone of our mission at Furniture Concepts, and that’s why we are excited and honored to introduce our Natura line of products. Part of our […]


safe harbor landing page images

August 23, 2021 | Furniture Concepts

Safe Harbor Collection Meets Diverse Needs for Facilities

At Furniture Concepts we are committed to creating healing spaces that offer patients comfort on their journey to wellness. Each of the three lines in our Safe Harbor collection is designed to provide just what the name suggests: a safe space free of barriers to a healthy recovery. The three lines under Safe Harbor target diverse needs […]


group homes

August 23, 2021 | Furniture Concepts

Offer Peace in the New Year:Ligature-Resistant Furniture

As the year winds down, you’re probably seeking out a few traditional moments of peace. Whether it’s holiday gatherings with family or annual reflections on your professional accomplishments, setting worries aside is a universally healing experience. When a patient arrives at your treatment center, consider how powerful it can be to offer loved ones the peace of […]


Bunks for shelters

August 23, 2021 | Furniture Concepts

Consider the Challenges of Transitional Housing

Reliable housing has become such a critical need in the United States that a growing number of hospital systems have taken up the cause. Providers from Sacramento to St. Louis to Cleveland are working hard to secure permanent and transitional housing for patients who have nowhere to go after inpatient visits—even if it means building […]