August 23, 2021 | Furniture Concepts

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Upholstery Vinyls, Why it’s Now a Good Option.

Durable Vinyl Chairs, Sofas & Upholstered Furniture Went from Eww! to Wow!

Quick game.  List the five words that come to mind when you hear the word “vinyl.”  Chances are your answers were somewhere in the neighborhood of hot, sticky, sweaty, uncomfortable, ugly, and dated. 

Well, that was the vinyl of your childhood.  The vinyl of today only vaguely resembles the vinyl of yesterday.  No longer just the less expensive alternative to leather, vinyl has morphed from the plastic-like surface that stuck to your skin to a soft, supple line of highly-durable upholstery. 

Today’s generation of vinyls not only has a new look and feel, it also offers fashion-forward colors, embossments, and patterns. 

Topics: Fabric/Upholstered Furniture for Contract


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