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Residential Centers

A large part of the healing process is the environment in which one is placed. By providing our clients with peaceful and mindfully designed spaces, we aid in creating a safe harbor for residents as they journey towards wellness. Furniture Concepts offers attractive, heavy use furnishings that aim to keep residents safe while greatly reducing replacement cycles. 

We serve a wide variety of social service facilities, including:        

  • Short-term homeless shelters        
  • Long-term homeless shelters         
  • Child protection services         
  • Domestic violence and abuse centers         
  • Subsidized housing units 
  • Sober living furniture         


Testimonials-Top 2 Installations!

Interview Room for Children's Home

"Our order for the Natchez Children’s Home Services has arrived safely and we love the two stuffed chairs for our interview room! Very comfortable and they “match” the room well. It is always a pleasure doing business with you.”

N. H.
Natchez Children’s Home Services

Great Help for Non-Profit Organization!

"As a national non-profit organization we are always challenged by funding constraints, so it is extremely important that we not only obtain good prices on the merchandise we buy, but that the product is of excellent quality. More so, it is important that the salesperson understand the nature of the work that we do and try to help us meet the needs of the clients in terms of the right product for the right setting. Furniture Concepts has exceeded expectations in all areas."

Vice President. WestCare Florida


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